We establish and operate region-specific investment funds.
We provide our investors, that is, institutional investors such as local financial institutions, public agencies, and pension funds, with valuable methods of investment for their surplus funds.
Individual companies receiving investments can procure business development funds, even when it is difficult to obtain financing from banks. Not only is this a highly significant economic activity, but it is also essential for revitalizing local economies, even from a macro perspective.
As an accessible partner, we will deliver thorough, hands-on support for business management, sales route expansion, and other aspects of individual companies.
Dogan Regional Funds (DRF)

  • Venture/New Business Fund
  • Business Revitalization Fund
  • Buyout Fund for Business Succession
  • Growth Support Fund
  • Overseas Advancement Support Fund
Custom-Tailored Funds (CTF)

  • Agriculture Fund
  • New Energy Fund
  • Setting up theme funds targeting individual companies and assets for investment