Constantly occurring paradigm shifts are rendering conventional knowledge obsolete. Making sound business judgments amid this constant change requires objective and up-to-date information as well as dynamic and unique ideas that break traditional business molds. However, the reality is that management resources are often limited; fresh thinking and securing new information sources are difficult feats. Moreover, choosing what benefits the company from a vast and unorganized sea of information is much easier said than done. This is where we come in. We conduct exhaustive analyses of our clients' business environment and offer advice on strategy formulation and execution support from a neutral yet expert point of view.
Advisory Menu

  • M&A advice
  • Management consulting
  • Support for devising business plans/revitalization plans
  • Financial monitoring
  • Designing capital policies
  • Formulating growth strategies
  • Support for making overseas advancements
  • Personnel/organization consulting
  • Training for managers/executives
  • IT consulting
  • Executive search (DOGAN Executive)
  • Real estate advice (real estate brokerage, CRE strategies)