Dogan is a group of professionals specializing in corporate investments and consultation services, with the ultimate goal of revitalizing the regional economy.

Corporations located in outlying regions of Japan are struggling to survive in an ever-changing economic climate. Globalization is attracting stronger competition in every field. Dogan is here to support those corporations in all management-related matters, including foundation, growth, restructuring, revitalization, and succession. You will have at your disposal our latest and most effective know-how and network; we offer support that is both thorough and efficient.

Our company was founded in 2004 under the following mission statement: We will invest in and foster local industries with the purest of intentions and ingenious approaches so that they may become global competitors. Our objective is to be recognized as a youthful, accessible, and one-of-a-kind partner for capable local businesspersons who are battling the raging storm, and to be invited on board to navigate through troubled waters together. This is our joy, our raison d'être. Yes, we are SANBO (strategist) for local business persons (DOGAN SANBO).

DOGAN SANBO (Smart Authentic Navigator for Business Owners). This is the collective term for our services.

Origin of our company name

When asking "How are you?" in the Kyushu dialect, we say, depending on the region, "dogyan desu ka?" "dogen desu ka?" "doge desu ka?" or "dogan desu ka?" This thoughtful phrase with its gentle lilt became the origin of our company name. Also, in the commemorative publication for the 100th anniversary of the Bank of Japan, then Governor Maekawa used the word dogan to describe a role of the Bank of Japan. Dogan is a Japanese word for the goose that stays on the lookout while the rest of the flock rests. We wish to do the same: to stay abreast of the times, create opportunities, and contribute to the development of the local economy in accordance with our mission.